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Short and Sweet…After all it’s Christmas Eve!


The impact of change isn’t always so quickly recognizable.  I made significant changes and sure I lost weight, felt good and slept better but really whats the impact?  Everyday the story changes.  Today eggs are good tomorrow you might hear they are not.  You know the story.  As they say the proof is in the puddin.  Side bar, digress, I do love puddin…..

The movie theatre I most frequent Tinseltown/Cinamark offered last January a popcorn bucket with refills for $3.  Sweet.  I decide to used my bucket two weeks ago and not renew in 2013 for the obvious reason I don’t want to eat corn any more.  What could a few more delicious bites of popcorn really do? I hadn’t eaten any in three months. I was good. I deserve a treat.

I have a small amount of arthritis pain in my hands and my knees.  I had surgery on both knees for torn meniscus (evidently I fall down a lot). My knees have kept me up at night and my hands are just annoying during the winter months.

Within 24 hours of eating the popcorn I was in so much pain but my entire body, not just my hands and knees but every joint was hurting and aching intensely.  I realised that you don’t know how much you’re in pain until the pain goes and then decides to reappear.  For a week I hurt and then it simply subsided.  Amazing to me how a, one, single small bucket of popcorn could affect my entire body in such a way.  The list of GMO’s (genetically modified foods )  is shocking but Corn is at the top of the list and corn “something” is in everything the same way Wheat (another evil destroyer) is.  Even my favorite creamers and (tearfully) popcorn (yes I know its obvious).

I gave up carbonation over 6 years ago and admit I was addicted to diet coke in a big way.  I can make a commitment and stick to it so this is my ode and farewell to popcorn.  I regret, I will miss your poisonous self.


Where to start?


I have several friends wanting to embark on this wheat-free, low-carb journey. The best I can do is say “clean out your pantry and jump in my world.” Attitude is everything. Recipes are everything. Encouragement is everything. 🙂

Attitude… You have to quit looking for an exact replica of something you love. If something happened to your husband and you remarried later, you wouldn’t expect the new husband to be just like your first husband. He would be different and you would adjust and even celebrate their differences in a new way and a new experience. That should be your attitude here. Yes biscuits and gravy the old way are off the table. A new biscuit and gravy recipe is very different with different ingredients and very good. Don’t compare them just enjoy the new flavors.

Recipes… You can google almost any recipe and add “low-carb” and get a plethora of recipes! The Low-Carb and the Grain-free communities are expansive and creative! Breakfast seems to be one of the initial challenges. There are several recipes that I love for a quick breakfast. One minute muffin recipes of every flavor are all over the web.  Saturday I made cream cheese pancakes …. they are very crepe-like and I am in love!  My sister shared a chia-seed, flax and cream breakfast recipe I also really like.  Here is the recipe for a healthified version of “cream of wheat”

Encouragement… Friends and family are the best! But if you are embarking on this alone, fill your encouragement space with Maria’s blog, Wheat Belly Blog, All Day I Dream About Food blog, Peace Love and Low-Carb blog – there are so many ways to inspire and encourage you in the journey. My daughter has been an incredible encouragement. She is always ready to try new recipes and be with me in the kitchen. Wish I could roll her up and share her because she is the best!

The Same…Only Different!


You’ve met my beautiful and brilliant sister. Jana. I want to start my first blog (ever) by saying what an amazing sister she is.  We are so very different and so very much the same it can be a little bit of an odd combination.  I admire her and love her like no one on earth. She is a mother like no other and has a inspiring creative mind.

My name is Lori and I am a very tiny little 2 years older than Jana. I was diagnosed (as expected)  with diabetes in 2006. My blood-sugar was unmanageable and every day I woke, I was grateful not to be in a coma. My biggest fear the inevitable injections.  Let me say here I was over 300lbs and very miserable.

My life commitment is, I live for God and in my praying for a way out of this heavy prision, a few things came to me. One was that this was an addiction.  I had been self medicating pain and sorrow with food since the second grade. The other was, that the first sin was commited with the temptation of food.  I realized what a strong hold that food had on me and so many others.  It was robbing me of my happiness and the life that was intended for me.

I was given freely through my insurance the opportunity of a Lap Band procedure and took it. I was committed to the process and lost over a 100lbs.  I’ve been “stuck” for the last few years and wanted to lose another 50lbs at least.  My first medical annual after my procedure. my doctor was amazed at the change in my blood sugar and how the meds were working so well.  He was pretty stunned when I told him I took myself off all meds 9 months earlier.  I haven’t been on meds since. I want to keep it that way.

My sister’s diagnosis and Dr’s knowledge of Dr. William Davis and Wheat Belly has been like having a secret code to something amazing.  I have suffered with sleeplessness, arthritus pain and a very significant amount of inflamation, which I didn’t realize I had until I got off the wheat/grains.  I haven’t eaten much bread or rice since my surgery so a lot of things I didn’t have to give up but actually now eat easily.

I am single and own a small company with about 25 employees so I don’t have time or a need to cook a huge meal.  I love the recipies we find and I do make and freeze some things but i throw away a lot of stuff.

This was a difficult change but a fun change.  I will never forget the day I cleaned out the pantry knowing if it’s here…. I might eat it.  I am abundantly grateful for the amazing ladies we have found on Facebook the create the most beautiful and delicious food.  Vanessa, at Healthy Living How To!/HealthyLivingHowTo , Maria, at Mind Body Health!/pages/Maria-Mind-Body-Health/337393421445 .  I have learned more from these girls than I ever thought i needed to know. There are plenty more that I will share.  I’m not gifted in creating recipes but I am happy these ladies that are…. share.

Jana and I both love to eat amazing food, find great recipes and share the information we find and would love to share with you our journey.  Together and Separate.

Journeys and Journals…


This part of my story began in May.  I just didn’t feel right.  Stopped in to see my doctor, he ran a few tests and about 4 days later he tagged me with a dreaded word in my family, “diabetic.”  My fasting blood sugar was 268.  Somehow I thought I would avoid this family fate.  Mom, dad, brother and sister had all been labeled.  I didn’t eat any different but somehow it didn’t fit me.  My doctor handed me a piece of paper and said “I believe you can be healed from diabetes.”  What?  Seriously?  The piece of paper outlined Dr. Davis’ new book “Wheat Belly.”  I left the doctor’s office with my head spinning.  I went immediately to the bookstore and dug through titles like Wheat is the Devil, Healthier Without Wheat until I found Wheat Belly.  I could only read it in pieces, initially,  but I started with his quick and dirty guidelines which you can find here

Since May of 2012, I did not check my blood sugar until September.  Mostly out of fear.  Somewhat out of dread.  But I had lost almost 20 lbs and was feeling alot better so I thought I would check.  Fasting blood sugar… drum roll… 77!  Crazy!  Now I am always below 117 in the morning.

Since that initial stick I started experimenting with my blood sugar and the different foods that trigger my blood sugar spikes.  Grains do it every time!!  Wheat is my enemy!  I have committed to living low-carb, wheat free and grain free.

After a few months of sharing with my sister she was ready for a new challenge as well.  We are constantly on the search for new recipes and healthier ways to make things we love!  It is fun having someone helping to spur you on.  Meat, cheese and salad can get boring fast.  The quest for new delicious recipes has been fun.  Especially finding recipes my family will like that also work for me!  So thinking that most people in our situation may not have the research stamina nor inclination to experiment, we thought we would share our adventures in a shared blog.  Our facebook pages are getting quite crowded with our propaganda and new finds!  Our Pinterests are overflowing!  Plus, we wanted a centralized place to catalog all we found too!  So….ta da…. Throw Momma From the Grain is born!

In this incredibly overwhelming life change we have researched and  fallen in love with some blogs, recipes and tips that might benefit someone else walking this journey too.  Join us!  Experiment with us!  But mostly…get healthy with us!