Short and Sweet…After all it’s Christmas Eve!


The impact of change isn’t always so quickly recognizable.  I made significant changes and sure I lost weight, felt good and slept better but really whats the impact?  Everyday the story changes.  Today eggs are good tomorrow you might hear they are not.  You know the story.  As they say the proof is in the puddin.  Side bar, digress, I do love puddin…..

The movie theatre I most frequent Tinseltown/Cinamark offered last January a popcorn bucket with refills for $3.  Sweet.  I decide to used my bucket two weeks ago and not renew in 2013 for the obvious reason I don’t want to eat corn any more.  What could a few more delicious bites of popcorn really do? I hadn’t eaten any in three months. I was good. I deserve a treat.

I have a small amount of arthritis pain in my hands and my knees.  I had surgery on both knees for torn meniscus (evidently I fall down a lot). My knees have kept me up at night and my hands are just annoying during the winter months.

Within 24 hours of eating the popcorn I was in so much pain but my entire body, not just my hands and knees but every joint was hurting and aching intensely.  I realised that you don’t know how much you’re in pain until the pain goes and then decides to reappear.  For a week I hurt and then it simply subsided.  Amazing to me how a, one, single small bucket of popcorn could affect my entire body in such a way.  The list of GMO’s (genetically modified foods )  is shocking but Corn is at the top of the list and corn “something” is in everything the same way Wheat (another evil destroyer) is.  Even my favorite creamers and (tearfully) popcorn (yes I know its obvious).

I gave up carbonation over 6 years ago and admit I was addicted to diet coke in a big way.  I can make a commitment and stick to it so this is my ode and farewell to popcorn.  I regret, I will miss your poisonous self.


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