The Same…Only Different!


You’ve met my beautiful and brilliant sister. Jana. I want to start my first blog (ever) by saying what an amazing sister she is.  We are so very different and so very much the same it can be a little bit of an odd combination.  I admire her and love her like no one on earth. She is a mother like no other and has a inspiring creative mind.

My name is Lori and I am a very tiny little 2 years older than Jana. I was diagnosed (as expected)  with diabetes in 2006. My blood-sugar was unmanageable and every day I woke, I was grateful not to be in a coma. My biggest fear the inevitable injections.  Let me say here I was over 300lbs and very miserable.

My life commitment is, I live for God and in my praying for a way out of this heavy prision, a few things came to me. One was that this was an addiction.  I had been self medicating pain and sorrow with food since the second grade. The other was, that the first sin was commited with the temptation of food.  I realized what a strong hold that food had on me and so many others.  It was robbing me of my happiness and the life that was intended for me.

I was given freely through my insurance the opportunity of a Lap Band procedure and took it. I was committed to the process and lost over a 100lbs.  I’ve been “stuck” for the last few years and wanted to lose another 50lbs at least.  My first medical annual after my procedure. my doctor was amazed at the change in my blood sugar and how the meds were working so well.  He was pretty stunned when I told him I took myself off all meds 9 months earlier.  I haven’t been on meds since. I want to keep it that way.

My sister’s diagnosis and Dr’s knowledge of Dr. William Davis and Wheat Belly has been like having a secret code to something amazing.  I have suffered with sleeplessness, arthritus pain and a very significant amount of inflamation, which I didn’t realize I had until I got off the wheat/grains.  I haven’t eaten much bread or rice since my surgery so a lot of things I didn’t have to give up but actually now eat easily.

I am single and own a small company with about 25 employees so I don’t have time or a need to cook a huge meal.  I love the recipies we find and I do make and freeze some things but i throw away a lot of stuff.

This was a difficult change but a fun change.  I will never forget the day I cleaned out the pantry knowing if it’s here…. I might eat it.  I am abundantly grateful for the amazing ladies we have found on Facebook the create the most beautiful and delicious food.  Vanessa, at Healthy Living How To!/HealthyLivingHowTo , Maria, at Mind Body Health!/pages/Maria-Mind-Body-Health/337393421445 .  I have learned more from these girls than I ever thought i needed to know. There are plenty more that I will share.  I’m not gifted in creating recipes but I am happy these ladies that are…. share.

Jana and I both love to eat amazing food, find great recipes and share the information we find and would love to share with you our journey.  Together and Separate.


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